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How to Work Around a Broken Keyboard on Windows 10

After Apple’s Butterfly keyboard fiasco, it looks like keyboard issues have worsened across the aisle as well. More and more, Windows laptop keyboards perform poorly, even on expensive laptops. And with the pandemic raging, it’s hard for people to get out and get it fixed. So if you want to bypass broken keyboard in Windows 10, you have come to the right place. With a quick registry hack, you can fix your computer keyboard. On that note, let’s go ahead and find out how to fix a broken keyboard without hardware replacement.

Bypass a Broken Keyboard in Windows 10

1. To fix a broken keyboard in Windows 10, you need to download SharpKeys (Free). It is a free utility that helps you remap broken keys to other working keys. I would say SharpKeys is one of the most useful Windows 10 apps. Just click on the MSI link to download the installer.

Bypass a Broken Keyboard in Windows 10

2. Now. install the app and then open it. Here i go fix my print screen key that is broken on my laptop keyboard. Click “Add” to begin.

Bypass a Broken Keyboard in Windows 10

3. On the left side, choose the key that does not work. You have to manually go through the list and find the specific key. For example, I chose here “PrtSc”.

Bypass a Broken Keyboard in Windows 10

4. On the right side you can simply click on “Type Key” then press the keyboard key you want to remap the broken key to. You can also do it manually, but it would take you too long. In my case, I pressed the “End” key and SharpKeys detected it correctly. Now press “OK”.

Bypass a Broken Keyboard in Windows 10

5. Finally, click on “Write to the register», Then restart your computer. Now the broken key will be remapped to a new working key and you can perform the dedicated key action without any problem. For example, I can now easily take screenshots on Windows 10 using the Win + End shortcut (End works as a print screen).

6. If you just want disable a particular key then manually choose the broken key on the left side and select “Turn off key” on the right side. The option is located at the top. After that, click on “Write to registry” and restart the computer. If you want to completely disable a laptop keyboard, follow our related guide.

7. If you want remove key remapping then select the key combination and click “Remove”. Then click on “Write to registry” and restart the PC. This will restore the original operation of the key.

Repair broken keyboard in Windows 10 with SharpKeys

This is how you can bypass a broken keyboard by remapping outdated keys with working ones. This way, you won’t have to shell out any money to get a fully functional keyboard, especially on a laptop. Anyway, it all comes from us. You can learn more about these Windows 10 tips and tricks by following our related article. If you have any problem, comment below and let us know.

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