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Samsung’s New AI Robots Can Do Your Laundry and Pour Wine

CES 2021 closed recently and it would not have been complete if Samsung did not show some of its home-care robots at the event. So, as you can guess, it unveiled and unveiled three new smart robots the company is currently working on. Bot Handy, Bot Care, and JetBot 90 AI + are new additions to Samsung’s robot portfolio and they can do all kinds of housework and help you get through the day. However, I doubt they can dance like Boston Dynamics’ industrial robots.

Samsung robot at CES 2021

Bot handi

Now, Bot Handy is a very cute and efficient robot with an expandable gripper-arm with a body that is a tall display with a pair of eyes to express various emotions. However, the expandable arm has three joints and, therefore, provides sufficient flexibility to grab and carry everyday objects in your home.

The machine uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect objects of every shape and material structure. It then exerts the right amount of pressure to grab an object without breaking it. As a result, Bot Handy can make you put a glass of wine or your dishes on your couch while watching some Netflix. In addition, the robot can also limit itself vertically to reach the top of its closet or center table to hold objects.

Bot care

Second, bot care is more as a personal assistant than a home-care robot and will take care of you instead of your home. It uses AI-based technology to understand your behavior and “Take care of the small details of your life”.

So, the bot care robot will walk around your room and even bother you to get up from your chair and if you think you are on your computer for a long time, do a little stretch. In addition, it will monitor your schedule, remind you about your meetings, and even help make video conference calls with the help of cameras, flip-out displays, and microphones.

Watch the official videos of Bot Care and Bot Handy below.

Now, these two robots – Bot Handy and Bot Care, were available as demo-products and are not yet commercially available. However, the Korean giant has made another reveal that will be available to US customers in the near future.

JetBot 90 AI +

The JetBot 90 AI + is essentially an AI-based smart vacuum-cleaner robot packed with LiDAR sensors for better 3D mapping of environments and objects. The bot combines its hardware and AI-based software to identify fragile objects like a glass bowl or vase of flowers, and avoid getting close to them. Furthermore, according to Samsung, the robot can escape into cables and small objects that come in its way and go into tight areas to clean them.

Watch the official video of JetBot 90 AI + below

Samsung says that it will launch JetBot 90 AI + in the US market in the first half of 2021. Now, although the company has not mentioned any numbers for the machine, I think it will not be a cheap one to buy.

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