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Xiaomi’s Leaked Foldable Phone Has a Crease Problem!

The foldable phone segment is quite limited at this time. Although Roole was the first company to launch a foldable phone, Samsung and Motorola are leading the charge in 2020. Other phone manufacturers have discontinued the prototype or concept, and the foldable smartphone has not been officially revealed. Xiaomi has been known to work on foldable phones for a long time. It teased a double folded phone long ago. But today, a folding Xiaomi phone has been seen on the metro in China.

The Chinese giant appears to be close to, as seen in the images Launching Galaxy Z Fold 2 Contestant. Xiaomi’s foldable phone can be lowered into a tablet to provide a larger viewing area. The device appears wrapped in a design-consistent case and runs the MIUI 12.

xiaomi foldable phone spot
Picture via: Weibo / WHYLAB (deleted)

Also, if you have not noticed before, the leaked phone here does not have a selfie camera cutout. There is no lip or pores. It is possible that Xiaomi is Going to launch its under-display camera Sometime later this year with its first foldable phone. It will be interesting to see the AI ​​algorithms and camera technologies that the company uses to enhance image quality.

Now, there is still one thing that needs to be addressed in these leaked images. It seems that Xiaomi’s foldable phone will suffer from the same problem as Samsung’s Galaxy Z fold 2. The noticeable crease runs down the middle of the foldable display. This was a huge issue with early foldable phones, but Samsung has since made improvements so that the crease is less visible.

The leaked photos show that the crease on Xiaomi’s foldable phone looks like a small gap. The foldable display appears to tilt inward and tilt the phone compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 or Huawei Mate XS. This would be detrimental to the user experience. It doesn’t want to leave money on a next-gen foldable phone just to feel the crease every time it swipes on the screen.

So, let’s hope Xiaomi can fix this crease problem before it officially brings its first foldable phone to the market. We can expect the company to launch a foldable Mi Mix sometime in 2021.

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